A Girl’s World

A Girl’s World: Today and Tomorrow, is our annual an educational conference focused on issues girls face in today’s constantly changing world and ways to equip them for success in their future.  It is designed to provide the latest information for those involved with girls, whether policy makers, program funder, professionals, Girl Scout leaders or parents. The conference features internationally recognized speakers as well as engaging workshops, in which attendees gain new insight on girl’s lives and strategies to support them.

The 2014 A Girl’s World: Today & Tomorrow conference, held on February 20, featured a range of topics, delivered by experts in their field. Photos from the event can be found here. This year’s speakers generously provided the following resources: 

  • “Girl Scouts Today - World Leaders Tomorrow”

Sharon Lechter, an internationally recognized financial literacy expert and bestselling author, Lechter discussed what teens think about money and discussed the importance of teaching financial education and entrepreneurship skills to help girls become financially successful women.  Full Presentation

  • “The State of Girls: Unfinished Business"

Dr. Kamla Modi presented this latest report from the Girl Scout Research Institute which outlines key issues and major trends affecting girls’ leadership and healthy development in the U.S. today. She included data on how girls are currently faring in the state of Arizona.  Full Presentation

  • “Girls and Women in the Outdoors: Loving the Lifestyle” 

Dr. Denise Mitten discussed the importance of outdoor experiences for girls outdoors and its impact on body image, confidence and competence.  Full Presentation

  • “What’s On Tonight? Changing the Channel on Girls’ Media Exposure” 

Rachel Reinke not only explored the types of media messages girls are inundated with on a daily basis, but also showed some of the ways are girls talking back about the unrealistic depictions they encounter.  Full Presentation 

  • “Ensuring Safe Tourism”

Kimberly Klein discussed the steps being taken within the hospitality industry in Arizona to combat sex trafficking and how to become an engaged community member, able to see potential warning signs of trafficking.  Full Presentation

  • “Multiculturalism: Capturing Cultural Heritage through Storytelling,”

Kimberly Flack talked about the PBS heritage project and the online resources available that girls can use to discover their own ancestry.