What Training Do I Need?

We offer a variety of resources and leadership training opportunities to help you become successful.

The Girl Scout Volunteer Learning Path

First — Complete the basic Girl Scout volunteer preparation courses for your role.

 Training and Forms needed for Girl Scout Troop Volunteers.

Then — Complete additional courses to prepare yourself and girls for adventures beyond your meeting place.

Enrich your own leadership skills by participating in professional leadership development opportunities for volunteers.

Additional volunteer learning opportunities are available to help you enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for the girls that you work with, such as:

  • Girl Scout Ceremonies and Traditions
  • Backpacking
  • Archery Instructor
  • Songs & Games
  • Exploring Nature with Girls
  • Leading Science Activities with Girls

These and many other workshops are available at various locations throughout the year, at volunteer learning events and at weekend leadership retreats. Some classes are available online, as webinars or as home study courses – visit the Online Learning page to learn more.

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