Journeys & Skill Building Badges

Journeys have been developed by Girl Scouts USA as a tool to help girls Discover their personal gifts and inner strength, Connect with other people and develop healthy relationships, and Take Action to have an impact in their communities and the larger world.

At each grade level, girls have three Journey paths, and they earn one to three awards on each path:

  • It’s Your World–Change It! empowers girls to make lasting change in their community by inspiring Take Action projects.
  • It’s Your Planet–Love It! teaches girls about the environment and how their conservation actions can make a difference.
  • It’s Your Story–Tell It! gives girls the opportunity to tell their own story through creative approaches.

For all three leadership Journey series, the adult guide and the girl book have everything girls and volunteers need to successfully complete the Journey.

Use the Journey Maps to help plan your Girl Scout adventure!

At each level, girls will earn Journey Awards for completing Journey activities. Girls who complete all of the Journey awards available at her grade level earn the Journey Summit Pin, demonstrating that she knows what it means to be a leader.

Additionally, there are Skill-Building Badges that are designed to accompany and enhance Journey programming. There are five Skill-Building badges available for each Journey series.  See the Skill-Building Badges available to you.