What Counselors Wish Parents Knew

There are many tips and tricks to helping your camper have a successful camp experience. Here are a few things our counselors want parents to know.

  • Mail can be dropped off at check-in. This way, your daughter gets a letter every day.
  • If your camper helps you pack, she knows what she has, and where it is. Also, please understand that your daughter will be re-packing herself.
  • Please don't send your daughter to camp with a suitcase that is extremely heavy. The counselors are glad to help, but are probably not as strong as Dad.
  • Please let your unit counselors know if your child regularly wets the bed. This way, they can be prepared to change the sheets and wash bedding/night clothes in the morning while the girls are at breakfast. They can do this very discreetly, so the other girls in the tent or cabin won't know about it.
  • Please send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes with your daughter. This will encourage her to write home.
  • The average trading post allowance is $10-20 per week.
  • Sisters do not necessarily make the best buddies.
  • Girls need a backpack or day bag to carry their gear for the daily activities.
  • Please try not to make any major medication changes just before your daughter comes to camp.
  • Letters to your daughter should be upbeat - writing about how much you miss her, or writing with bad news can make her very homesick.
  • Please don't tell your daughter she can call if she gets homesick.
  • Put your daughter's name on everything!
  • Socks need to cover the ankles.
  • Please, please, please do not send cell phones.
  • Girls will be expected to help clean up after themselves. Please let them practice at home with simple chores such as sweeping, setting the table, and helping with dishes.
  • Many girls like to wear flip-flops as "shower shoes" but this is the only time flip-flops are allowed. Rocks at camp bite bare toes!
  • Staff do not sleep in the same cabins as the campers. We utilize similar sleeping arrangements as the typical house hold (do you sleep in the same room as your child?). Campers are well versed in where to find staff members prior to bed time the first night at camp. Staff is ready and willing to assist in any bed time traditions to help our campers feel comfortable at night, including "tucking in," stories and songs.
  • Our camps do not have air conditioning in the sleeping areas.
  • Please make sure your medication instructions match those on the bottle.
  • Practice letting your daughter shower herself and wash/brush her own hair before coming to camp.
  • Please do not bring pets to check in or check out
  • Parents - wear comfortable walking shoes to check in and check out.
  • Encourage your girls to talk to their counselors about ANYTHING that is bothering them. We cannot help if we don't know what's going on.
  • Horses are only at Maripai, the climbing tower and canoeing are only at Shadow Rim, and the ropes course is only at Willow Springs.
  • Be prepared to have Girl Scout songs sung to you over and over again after you pick up your daughter from camp.